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BodipHat Gym is located in Woburn, Ma. This gym is for anyone that is looking for results. BodipHat Gym is a gym for the serious lifter or person looking to train. BodipHat Gym is equipped with everything a bodybuilder, powerlifter, athlete, serious lifter, or anyone looking to improve would want. Unlike most gyms today, heavy lifting and hard training is not looked down upon but actually encouraged.

Some of the features of BodipHat Gym include:

dumbbells from 3lbs. up to 200lbs.


a variety of barbells including standard barbells, Texas power bar, safety squat bar, cambered bar, football bar, trident bar, trap bar and buffalo bar

full squat cages


glute ham raiser

vertical leg press

reverse hyper machine

full selection of kettle bells

full selection of functional equipment like battling ropes, sledgehammer, truck tire, sandbags, slam balls, and jump boxes


prowler sled


Punching Bags





“The training and experience here is unlike most gyms.”


BodipHat Gym

2 Cedar Street

Woburn, Ma. 01801


Mon. thru Fri.: 7 am-9 pm,

Sat.: 7 am-4 pm

Sunday: Closed


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