Break free from bad habits! Bodi Phat is not a crash diet or fad, it’s a better way of living. Jay and Roberta are not just trainers, they are a team dedicated to changing your life and creating a healthier and happier you. They create a fitness and nutrition plan designed specifically for you to give the results you are looking for. They are invested in your personal success and coach each of their clients as the individuals that they are. Working with this dynamic duo has increased my endurance and my muscle definition in less than 2 months. No lie, the workouts are hard but the results are real. On days we don't meet, a text message reminder to make healthy choices encourages me to stay on track and rethink eating that cookie! Their passion and love for what they do is inspiring and addicting….my 5 week session has become part of my every day routine….a Good Habit!Shana - Wilmington, MA
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