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Pull It Up, Over, and Down


To develop a big strong wide back, there has to be two common motions in every back routine. To develop a big a strong thick back, you need to row. To develop a wide back you have to do a lot of pulling, then you have to go out and do some more pulling, and then usually even more pulling. […]

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Ab Shot

Managing Your Off-Season For A More Successful Upcoming Fitness Year


With the fitness competition season coming to a close, it makes me reflect not only on my competitors but many fitness competitors all around. With the fitness season closing many bodybuilders, fitness competitors and body athletes find themselves in their “off season”. I find the “Off-season” is one of the most difficult times for competitors. When not regimented on a […]

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Improving Your Squat With One Simple Variation

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Understanding Weight Loss, Body Fat, and Muscle Mass


When it comes to getting in shape, a lot of us are in the dark as to what we should be aiming for as far as health goals. As a nutritionist and trainer team when dealing with new clients the initial first statement my partner and I usually hear from them is “Can you help me lose weight?” My next […]

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