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The-Founders-2At BodipHat Nutrition & Fitness we have one goal. That goal is the success of our clients. In reality the more successful they are, the more successful we are. No matter what our client’s goals are, we aim to help them achieve those goals. Whether they want to improve their eating habits, gain muscle, lose weight, or even something like being able to pick up their grandchildren as they get older. We want to make your goals a reality. With the help of BodipHat here is some of our client’s results.




“I’m tired of having a booty that my girlfriends make fun of. I want a plump booty.”-Emily C.

Booty Transformation

Booty Transformation









One of Chris’s biggest challenges was being able to stick to a balanced diet. With a little balancing of the foods she ate and the amount she ate, Chris gained the success she wanted

Chris Before and After









John wanted to make a positive change for himself. He always wanted to achieve a “six pack” and thru our guidance he achieved it. More importantly he dropped 5 percent body fat and 17 pounds.

John-Before and After










Dell wanted to build more muscle on her frame. We set fourth a nutritional plan and training regiment that helped Dell reach her goals.

Dell Transformation

Dell Transformation








Here comes the bride. Suzanne wanted to get a little tighter for hew big day.

Suzanne Transformation










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