Balanced Programs

A balanced approach to living a healthy lifestyle. Whatever your health goals, it takes nutritious food choices combined with just the right types and amount of exercise to reach them.

A Balanced Approach

Our program takes the guesswork out of the plan by customizing a program based on your individual goals, body type and foods you already enjoy! We are your personal advocate for living an energized and passionate life. Whatever your concerns are, our job is to help you find which lifestyle choices work best for you.

With our balanced programs you get:

  • Analysis of Current Nutrition Levels and Goals
  • Fitness Data Analysis
  • 7-Day Meal Plan
  • Weekly Body Fat Analysis and Measurements
  • Weekly Nutrition Consultations
  • Progress Charting and Photos
  • Analysis of Current Fitness Levels and Goals
  • Customized Fitness & Training Program
  • Weekly Personal Training Sessions
  • Plan Evaluations Each Week
  • Support via Phone, Email and Text

Get Started Today!

 Click the links to learn about our Balanced Nutrition and Fitness Programs

Balanced Nutrition


Balanced Fitness



Program Pricing and Payment Terms:

We have a program that is right for you! Contact us for specific program pricing and a detailed description of the many program benefits and how they directly relate to your specific health goals. We develop a program around your individual needs and do not offer assembly line programs because we believe they do not work, plain and simple!

Our work is an investment in you and we must believe you are as totally invested in your success as we are. As you know with any investment there is an initial upfront cost, ours is the time spent customizing your program, yours is the price of the program. Together we will begin a journey committed to your goals and we won’t let you stop until you reach them. All program payments are due in full prior to developing your plan for success. We accept cash, check, PayPal and most major credit cards.


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