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Nutritional Programs

Nutritional Consultation

Sit down and talk with us about getting the optimal results out of your diet. If you struggle with understanding diet and nutrition consult with us and let us give you a better understanding of what you need to do for your goals.

Total Health Maintenance Diet

Do you like where you are fitness wise but are having trouble maintaining things from a nutritional standpoint? Our Total Health Maintenance Diet will help you maintain where you are by balancing your nutrition for your needs.

Special Needs Diets

Do you have a particular fitness goal that is not of the norm? Do you have a medical condition that only allows you to implement certain foods in your diet? We can create a specialty diet that will help you achieve your goal.

Vegan Diets

Diabetic Needs

Medical Needs

Total Health Makeover

Fitness Programs

One on One Personal Training Packages

Get hands on help and guidance as you strive towards a fitter you.

Jump Start Program

This 3-week program is a comprehensive total health program designed to “jump start” your fitness goals through specialized body science. Learn more

Youth Conditioning Programs

Do you have a young athlete that needs a strength and conditioning program for a sport or activity. Let us help you by designing a program that can suit their needs. Having worked with and trained many young athletes (including our own) we are well versed in how to develop a young athlete to their potential. What they will get at Bodiphat is individual attention and a custom designed program specifically for their needs and not a run of the mill get bigger faster stronger program.

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Strength and Conditioning Programs

Get a fitness plan designed for your individual strength and conditioning needs. We design fitness plans for the occasional gym goers up to the most elite of athletes to build up strength and conditioning. Learn more

Total Wellness Programs

“Balanced Programs”

A balanced approach to living a healthy lifestyle. Whatever your health goals, it takes nutritious food choices combined with just the right types and amount of exercise to reach them. Learn more


“Online Balanced Program”

onlineNeed a solid program but may be too far away for regular 1-on-1 sessions? No problem. You can still train with us via online. On this program our clients may be far away but still get that up close feeling of working with us. You have We analyze this information and will make adjustments to your program based on your progress. You have full access to our fitness instructors and nutritionists via skype, email, text and phone. We are here to support you.

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Specialty Programs

Do you have a special nutritional or fitness need that doesn’t fall into the standard category?  Our Specialty Needs Programs can help the not so ordinary. Our Specialty Programs include:

Special Medical Needs

Exercise Rehab

Competition Prep

A complete program designed for the competitive stage athlete. Whether you compete in bikini, fitness, figure, physique, or bodybuilding we have a customized program designed for you to dominate the stage. Learn more

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