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The BodipHat Balanced Lite Fitness Program


The BodipHat Balanced Lite Nutrition Plan is a three stage Fitness Program designed to make your body look and feel better. The plan that is tailored to your individual goals and needs. We create a plan based on your overall health and wellness goals. Whether you intend to lose body fat, gain muscle, become more athletic, or just want a general sense of well being we have a fitness program for you.

The three stages of  Fitness:


Stage 1 (Week 1-5)
BodipHat Lite Fitness Plan Basic
This is where it all begins. You start off by getting a consultation and your fitness levels assessed with your goals in mind. We then talk about your customized Fitness plan. From there we develop a customized plan for your fitness goals.
Stage 2 (Week 6-10)
BodipHat Lite Fitness Plan Intermediate
This customized plan is a more advanced version of Stage 1 with even more focus on your goals. After completing stage 1, not only will your body be stronger and more capable but also able to handle more of a workload. These are critical factors that should be developed in any fitness plan but even more emphasized as your abilities advance.
Stage 3 (Week 11-15)
BodipHat Lite Fitness Plan Advanced
This customized plan is a most advanced version of Stage 1 and Stage 2 with the  tightest emphasis on your goals. At this point your fitness level should be at a level that you did not think possible when you started. While this is the hardest level in the program, you will be at a fitness level that can tolerate it the best.
  • Improved Strength
  • Improved Balance and Agility
  • Overall Fitness Improvement!

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Why you’ll love BodipHat and our Nutritional Plans.

Easy to follow nutrition plans with foods you actually like!

Great foods start with you.

We work with you to determine what types of foods work best for your plan.

Easy to follow meal plans.

We give you step-by-step directions and a sample diet to help keep meal planning simple.

Save time.

Easy to use menu templates allow you to spend more time doing what you love.

Save money.

Lower your overall health and wellness costs as well as your weekly grocery bill.

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