Our Mission

Here at Bodi pHat Nutrition & Fitness the mission is to provide programs that are specifically designed to your overall nutritional and fitness needs. Whatever your health goal, we can help you reach it by customizing and delivering a program especially for you. Your goal is our plan! Let us guide you.

We take a hands on approach by first analyzing your nutrition and fitness regimen. Using our unique balanced approach we then create a complete diet and workout regimen to help you meet your nutritional and fitness goals. Our programs are designed to improve and promote lifelong lasting health.



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Meet Roberta Cook and Jarueba Taylor of BodipHat Nutrition and Fitness in Woburn


Our Founders

Jarueba “Jay” Taylor

Jarueba Taylor has over fifteen years experience in the health and fitness industry. He developed his love of fitness, exercise, and nutrition at an early age after reading bodybuilding and fitness magazines. He furthered his love by working in various health clubs and health nutrition stores. “Train hard, eat right” is his mantra.

After attending Fitchburg State College to obtain a degree in Exercise Management, Jarueba enhanced his fitness knowledge by becoming a Dietitian, Sports Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer, and Exercise Rehab Specialist. Coupling the right fitness program with the proper nutrition, He set off to help all fitness enthusiasts from the novice to the experienced athlete with his experience and knowledge.

Jarueba not only shared his belief with others but also lived it. He was a competitive bodybuilder for the Musclemania bodybuilding and fitness federation and the National Physique Committee. Along with competitive bodybuilding he was also a fitness model and talent.

In 2006 Jarueba decided to expand his love for fitness even more by establishing Taylored Nutrition. Taylored Nutrition specializes in custom designed nutritional and/or exercise programs based on an individual’s needs. Being well versed in nutrition for all body types and fitness levels, Jarueba’s clients vary from the everyday person to the skilled athlete. Jarueba has worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from housewives, CEO’s, mixed martial arts fighters, sports athletes, power lifters, female figure competitors, and bodybuilders. Jarueba also is a competitive bodybuilder as well as competition prep coach.

Over 15 years in the health and fitness industry. Some of my credentials include:

  • Bachelors of Science Exercise Management Dietitian
  • Nationally accredited Certified Personal Trainer
  • I.F.A. Sports Nutritionist
  • Certified Physical Therapist Aid Certification
  • Post Fitness Therapy Certified
  • Exercise Therapy Certified
  • Competitive NPC and Musclemania bodybuilder
  • Strength Coach
  • Fitness Model
  • Fitness and Nutrition Writer

Roberta Cook

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