Three Nutritional Tips to Drop Body Fat Fast

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Three Nutritional Tips to Drop Body Fat Fast

How many times have you heard someone said “I need to lose weight fast”?

Well right off the bat there are a few things wrong with that statement. The first most important thing wrong with that statement is looking to lose weight to improve their body/health.  What people should be saying is “I need to lose body fat”. Semantics aside though, to improve one’s body and health they need to focus on losing body fat and not weight. Weight is really just a measure of mass and has little to do with the shape and condition a body is in. The actual shape and condition of a body is more directly related to body fat. The more body fat a person has the unhealthier they are, no matter what they weigh. With the idea of cutting body fat instead of body weight in mind to get healthier, let’s look at three nutritional tips that can help a person drop body fat relatively fast.

Focus on eating lean protein.

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Protein is the building block of life. Protein is a part of hundreds of functions in our body and every cell in our body has protein in it. If you plan on having any good amount of muscle in your body you’re going to need protein. Having muscle is not only a good thing just to be able to get around everyday life but the more muscle you have the less body fat you tend to have. Muscle also gives your body shape and structure. Gear your diet towards eating a lot

of good lean proteins. Lean cuts of beef, chicken, turkey, pork, and eggs will all supply the body with good amounts of protein. If you are not a meat eater or a vegetarian look to supply your body with good amounts of fish or vegetarian protein sources like tofu, satin, and supplemental vegan protein powders.

Good amounts of protein also tend to satiate the body so you will be less likely to eat a lot of unhealthy junk. Good amounts of protein also take more energy to digest so you will actually be burning calories digesting protein.

Focus on more vegetables and Complex Carbs in your diet.

There’s a reason your mother said to eat your vegetables. Vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals and offer tons of health benefits like being antioxidants, anti-cancerous, and metabolic boosters. Vegetables are also very calorically dense. This means you can eat a lot of vegetables and not worry about taking in a lot of calories. Vegetables are also fiber rich so they will keep you fuller longer.

Along with vegetables you should also focus on mainly complex carbs in your diet as a carb source. Complex carbs will give the body good amounts of fiber, overall sustained energy, and combined with vegetables are great for brain function. Good sources of complex carbs would be brown rice, quinoa, whole grain oats, oatmeal, and sweet potatoes.

Focus on taking in more healthy fats.

If there is one nutrient that gets a bad reputation, its fat. I want everyone to read this next sentence very carefully. The body needs lots of good fats to function properly.  You should be eating an abundance of omega 3’s and healthy fats. Omega 3’s can be found in fatty fishes like salmon, sardines, and mackerel. They also can be found in pill form. If you are not a fish eater or have allergies you can get omega 3’s thru flax seed and Chia seeds. These also can be found in pill form. Omega 3’s and healthy fats improve brain functions, lower cholesterol, cut down body fat and spike fat burning in the body. You should try to lower or eliminate your intake of fried foods and unhealthy fats and boost your intake of omega 3’s and healthy fats. You should aim for an intake of 3 to 1 omegas and good fats to bad fats.


Plating Things Up

If you want to make health improvements focus on losing body fat and not weight. Make sure your taking in a lot of lean proteins, eating more vegetables with complex carbs, and getting a good amount of omega 3 fatty acids and healthy fats. These little changes will help you drop body fat faster than you realize.

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