Four Tips to Avoid the Santa Belly around the Holidays

Santa Belly

Four Tips to Avoid the Santa Belly around the Holidays

We are in full swing of the holiday season and with the holidays comes lots of eating. Weather the eating is from a little extra indulgences or stress related, the holidays are a time when the pounds start adding up quickly.  Here are a few tips to help minimalism that Santa belly during the holidays.


Enjoy the holidays; just don’t enjoy them every day.

christmas-cookiesOne of the biggest problems of the holidays is overindulgence. It seems holiday season people constantly have their hand in the “cookie jar”. Holiday parties and extra snacking can be huge holiday pitfalls. A little bite here, a little snack there ends up being a few pounds here some extra body fat there. Minimalism your snacking and indulging by sticking as close to your normal eating plan as possible. One of the biggest reasons people tend to snack so much during the holidays is because thy fall out of what is their normal eating plans. By staying more regimented with their eating, snacking is less likely. This brings us to my next bit of advice.


Don’t skip meals during the holidays.

One of the worst things you can do to avoid that Santa belly is start skipping meals. Eating meals in a consistent manner helps keep the metabolism going. This helps avoid ebbs and flows in blood sugar levels which can lead to added body fat. Try and stay more regimented with meals so when holiday parties and snacking comes along you are less tempted.

Keep protein high during thebig-turkey holiday season.

During the holiday season it is a good idea to keep protein intake high. A higher protein intake not only keeps you fuller longer but also helps cut down on sugar cravings. This is a big help if you’re constantly surrounded by holiday cookies, snacks, and alcoholic beverages. Alcohol consumption typically goes up around the holidays, so but having more protein in your diet it will help stave off some of those cravings. Aim to eat protein around four or more times a day. Make sure your protein comes from good lean sources such as turkey, chicken, fish, and protein powders.


Stay Active

During the holidays, another good piece of advice is to stay active. A lot of people cut their gym time and activity levels way down during the holidays in favor of holiday parties and taking it easy. Less activity can lead to an extra calorie build up fast due to less calories being burned off and more being added in. By continuing to hit the gym and staying semi active during the holidays you can negate some of the negative effects of holiday routine breakers. Even if you don’t do your full routine make sure you are going and doing something.



Wrapping Things Up

The holidays are typically a time where people slip with their health and fitness routines. This can lead to a few added pounds over the holiday season and the dreaded “Santa belly”. By doing a few simple things you can minimalism or eliminate the effects of holiday indulgences.

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