Finding Balance

Finding Balance

Finding Balance


One of the simplest concepts when it comes to health and fitness is often one of the most overlooked. It is a concept that we stand behind 100% here at Bodi pHat. We believe in it so much that it even is part of our name. The concept is when it comes to nutrition and fitness everything must be in balance to make total health. To achieve total health, one must be equally balanced with their nutrition as with their fitness regimen.

Fitness is nothing without proper nutrition!

Being a big nutrition guy for years, even I have missed the mark slightly on this. For years I had worked with clients that would have a fantastic work ethic when it came to their fitness. Most of my them were trainees, competitors, athletes, and people who lived and died by training. Their general problem was understanding the value in eating quality foods and the right amounts. For the most part a lack of proper nutrition is a lot of people’s problem. You can exercise forever but without proper nutrition you’re only fighting half the battle. So for years I always preached “Fitness is nothing without proper nutrition!” Not a bad mantra to preach at all except years later I would realize I was only half right…

Experience is the best teacher.

As you get older and wiser you start to see things from a different light. They do say after all “Experience is the best teacher.” As my clientele expanded I started to change my views a little. As I started to work more with “average” people I began noticing a trend. Some of them were already eating well but they were not achieving the goals they wanted. The question is why. They were already doing the very thing I was preaching for years. The problem was their trend was the exact opposite. They were eating properly but they simply were not getting enough physical activity.

Total health is nutrition plus fitness balanced together.

You can eat healthy foods but if you’re living a sedentary lifestyle, you’re still only fighting half the battle. This time instead of the nutrition being the problem, it was the fitness or lack thereof. Opposite ends of the spectrum but neither being truly in balance. So ultimately I reached the conclusion it is all about finding the proper balance for the individual not a nutrition vs. fitness thing. Now I preach “Total health is nutrition plus fitness balanced together.”

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